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How do people interact with your race?  In the 21st century, it's through the internet.  A powerful and effective race website that's integrated with our timing software and contemporary race registration platform are a must if you want to attract runners.  SpectaSport provides both a race website and online registration FREE as part of our timing services.  We even set it up for you.  We include these services for free because we want your race to be the best it can be.  But, just as important, every time SpectaSport times a race for which the organizers wanted to use their own registration software, we couldn't give the runners all the features we like and we had to do more work than if the customer had let us do it right for them the first time.  In some cases, we even had to have runners re-register on race day because the third-party registration used by the race didn't even provide us with enough information to provide male and female age group results.  We've even had customer's complain that the website we needed to set up to publish their results was ranking significantly higher on Google than the "official" website they had put together from scratch!  With SpectaSport's fully-integrated online registration and results, you know you are getting a complete package.

When it comes to race registration, security is the most important part of the equation. SpectaSport partners with RunSignUp to provide the most secure, trouble-free 21st century credit card processing on the market.  Nobody wants to deal with a data breach of their customer's credit card info because a flimsy, over-the-counter credit card payment solution was used for a fundraising 5K.  With SpectaSport's online registration powered by RunSignUp, you can rest easy knowing that the best and latest technology is working for you.




Transparent and Above-Board

Knowledge is power when it comes to your race finances. SpectaSport's registration solutions give you full back-office access with all kinds of ways to analyze your finances and marketing. Everything is transparent and above-board. We don't put advertisements on your free website to try to put extra jingle in our pockets. We don't try to sell your customers magazine subscriptions or hidden memberships for which other registration companies are notorious. And with SpectaSport, you'll never, ever, have to pay a ransom to send emails to people who entered your race in previous years. It's your data, you have access to it anytime you want. We don't even collect email addresses unless one of your customers gives us explicit permission to occasionally send emails about other great races. SpectaSport may be a 21st century company, but we have a very old-school way of treating people. We call it "Respect".

If this sounds like the race timing service that you want, please contact us so we can discuss your race.

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